SCM Training Club

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About Us

SCM Training Club, located in El Monte, California, offers private personal training, fitness classes, and nutrition guidance for beginners of all ages. 

Our mission is to provide a safe space for members and guests to learn and grow while empowering the community with knowledge, support, and resources for living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Personal Training

Private One-on-one, Partner, and Small Group Personal Training is available. Book a free consultation today!

Fitness Classes

Spice up your routine with any of our beginner friendly fitness classes, each about 1-hour long.

Nutrition Guidance

Receive custom nutrition guidance based on your goals and lifestyle. No strict diets or meal plans.


What People say about SCM

“Nate Flores is an amazing trainer! I started working with him in late 2021 to regain muscle and strength after years of avoiding exercise due to autoimmune-induced pain. Nate made the entire process easy and fun. He tailored each workout to my energy and pain levels, ensuring they were both challenging and doable. Thanks to Nate, I've regained strength, reduced pain, and feel better overall. Highly recommend!"

    Amalia M. | 45
    Amalia M. | 45


    "Today is a really special day for me. It shows all my hard work, dedication and determination that I’ve put in for the last 5 months. I weighed myself this morning and I officially dropped 100 lbs since March 10th. I mainly want to put this out here because I want to show my appreciation and give a special shoutout to Nathan Flores and SCM Training Club for their invaluable help with my nutrition and coaching. Their guidance has been tremendously helpful, and I'll continue to use it for life. Nathan's coaching truly works, and I hope this helps promote his business so he can continue succeeding. Don't hesitate to ask for help – Nathan will set you on the right path!"

      James R. | 28
      James R. | 28


      Nate, oh Nate, where do I start? He's like the Gandalf of the gym world – wise, friendly, and always ready to guide you on your fitness quest. Whether you're a workout wizard or a cardio hobbit, Nate will make you feel right at home in the realm of gains. He's as patient as a saint and as polite as a British butler. Even if you're struggling to master the simplest of exercises, he'll never judge or lose his cool. And let's talk about SCM Training Club – it’s a cool spot for those one-on-one sessions with Nate. All the necessary gym equipment is there for efficient workouts. So, if you're ready to embark on a fitness journey filled with laughter, gains, and plenty of fun, look no further than Nate at SCM Training Club. Trust me, your muscles will thank you later!

        Vanessa P. | 32
        Vanessa P. | 32



        Session-to-session Or Month-to-Month.

        Bi-Weekly payment plans are also available.

        Optional Nutrition Guidance is included with every membership package.

        One-on-one personal training sessions start at $55 per session, $35 with a partner per person, and $25 in a small group of 3-5 people per person.

        Choose from 1-5 sessions per week.

        Save up to an extra 20% off per session with the purchase of any membership package.

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        (1:1) 4-Pack Membership


        (1:1) 8-Pack Membership


        (1:1) 12-Pack Membership